Breed of chickens Fireol


Chickens Fireol is a famous French breed. Initially, it was taken out as a meat species, but today, thanks to the work of breeders, the egg quality of the bird has been improved, so it is bred not only for meat, but also for delicious eggs. In addition, the chicken Faverol has a pleasant appearance, they have a beautiful plumage and good-natured disposition.

Breeding history

Chickens breed Faverol were bred in the XVIII century. To obtain this species, 5 breeds were taken (Brama, Mantskaya, Gudan, Dorking, Cochinchin). The breed was officially registered in 1886. By the end of the XIX century, it was spread throughout France. It was one of the best views at the time. Then Faverol were brought to Russia, and in America they appeared only in the XX century.

On the neck there is a visible mane of loose feathers, smoothly turning into the back. The base of the head has a clear gate.

Later in England, hens of an exhibition species were first bred and the external data of the bird was identified - its standard. And German breeders improved the productivity of the species, while maintaining the decorative nature of the breed.

Description of breed of chicken Fireol

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Birds Firewall differ knit physique and light bones. The musculature is well developed. The back is long, flat. Thorax round shape, slightly bulged forward. The wings are highly positioned and tightly pressed to the body. The legs are developed correctly with copious plumage.

The main important feature of the breed is the five-fingered

The neck is of medium length. The head is small, slightly oblate, but beautiful. The beak is strong, short, the color can be from white to pink or yellowish. The comb is leaf-shaped, standing straight, red. The eyes are round, medium in size, red-orange.

Interesting! The main important feature of the breed is the five-fingered. The fourth and fifth fingers should be well separated, and the claw of the fifth finger pointing upwards.

Creamy leather. Plumage abundant, loose. Feathers are soft. On the neck there is a visible mane of loose feathers, smoothly turning into the back. The base of the head has a clear gate.

Varieties of chickens Fireball

There are only three varieties of chicken Faverol.

Photo chicken breed Blue Fireball

  • Blue Firewall is enshrined in the standard view. Color can be blue in combination with salmon. The species of birds of this species is elegant, unusual. There are blue chickens Faverol not often and at a cost higher than other species.
Important! The rooster is very easy to distinguish from the hens, because the male often has a different feather color and is larger in size.

Photo chicken breed Salmon Faverol or Lahshuner

  • The salmon Faverol or Lakhshuner is a breed whose hens are light colored, and the roosters are black with ivory feathers on the lower back. Outwardly, it is a very beautiful bird, bright and pleasant. Salmon Firewall is often cultivated as an ornamental.
  • Colombian breed Faverol can be Colombian color or silver. The main color of the pen is white with a black tip. Roosters and chickens of this species have the same color, but the males are brighter, with lush plumage and larger in size.

Photo of Columbian Faverol chicken

Nature of chickens

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Chickens of this breed have a calm disposition. They get along with other breeds without any problems, they quickly get used to the host (in 2-3 days), they are very gullible. Birds are curious, inquisitive and observant. They can just stand still and consider what they are interested in for a long time or run around the site on the list of goodies.

The rooster is strong, but not aggressive, it does not suit the fights and even the territory usually does not defend. This is his good trait and bad, because more cocky cocks of other breeds can literally peck at him. So you need to carefully monitor this and do not plant roosters of this species in one coop with fighting males.

Cock is strong but not aggressive

Important! Chickens Firello in Russia at poultry farms and on farms for breeding birds do not occur, so you can buy high-quality, thoroughbred individuals only abroad. Birds that are sold on the market under this name, most often are just a mixture.

Breed characteristics

The breed of chickens Fireball is notable for its productivity, therefore many breeders opt for this particular species.

  • Rooster weighs up to 4.5 kg, hens - 3.5 kg.
  • Delicious meat, tender, low in fat. It tastes a bit like pheasant.
  • Carcass plucked without problems, usually it does not even singe. The skins of commercial quality, like the whole carcass as a whole, with well-defined muscles.

    Delicious meat, tender, low fat

  • Egg production per year - 180 pieces. Eggs give up birds weighing up to 60 g, the shell is brown with a pink tinge.
Interesting! The most delicious meat is found in those chicken Fireol, which were grown during free-range and consumed not only grain and mash, but also pasture.

Features of maintenance and care

It is recommended to grow chickens Fireball by outdoor method. On the square of the room should be about 4-5 chickens. In the chicken coop, comfortable roosts are made at a distance of 50-60 cm from the floor, but a ladder is placed on them so that the birds can easily reach their bed. Also equip nests for layers, a place for feeding troughs and drinking bowls. It is advisable to install and a basin with sand, ash for cleaning feathers.

Comfortable roosts are made in the hen house at a distance of 50-60 cm from the floor.

Dampness and drafts are unacceptable. It is necessary to provide ventilation, good lighting and heat in the room (heating is desirable). The litter is made of straw, sawdust or peat, in a layer of 10-15 cm. This breed requires cleanliness due to abundant plumage and feathered legs. So cleaning is carried out every day and once a week it is necessary to partially replace the litter, removing dirt.

Important! Chickens Fireol prone to obesity. If they do not need to be fattened for meat, it is worthwhile to provide the bird with daily walks in the fresh air. Such physical exercises will allow them not to gain weight and avoid illnesses.

The litter is made from straw, sawdust or peat, in a layer of 10-15 cm

Walking settles down spacious. If there is little space in a chicken coop or on a walk, the egg production will decrease - the hens of this breed are very sensitive to crush. If there is no opportunity to take a walk, you can simply let the chickens out into the garden for a walk. These chickens usually do not dig the ground, so the harvest will not suffer. And since this breed does not fly, the chickens do not need a large fence.

Breeding faerol

The breed of chickens, Fireball, is usually bred through an incubator, but females have maternal instinct and can sit on eggs. For breeding, eggs are taken from hens of one year old or older. And in order for the eggs to be fertilized, it is necessary that there are about 5 females for one rooster in the henhouse.

Chickens have a maternal instinct and can sit on eggs

Important! Close interbreeding can lead to degeneration of the breed, the appearance of defects, deformities in chicks. For this reason, professional breeders divide the herd in different pens by age.

Chickens after birth are usually grown in brooder. They grow quickly, gain weight well and usually do not get sick if the brooder is clean and fed high-quality, complete food. At first, chickens are given a boiled egg and steamed corn porridge. From the 5th day you can include chopped greens and vegetables, bran, yeast in the diet. From 2 months the birds should already eat whole grains, crushed corn. You can also give feed for young. In 3 months the young stock is hooked to the main herd.

Chickens grow quickly, gain weight well and usually do not get sick

How to feed chickens

The diet is made up of full-fledged, otherwise the lack of vitamins, minerals will begin and the most diverse diseases may appear in birds. Every day they need to give dry grain and wet mash of greens and root crops, vegetables. Under normal feeding, the female gives about 2 eggs in 3 days. If the productivity is lower, then you need to improve feeding.

To simplify this task, use simple feed. But it is not cheap, it is much more profitable to give simple food - grain and mash, adding to them crushed chalk, meat and bone meal, silage, vegetable oil cake, premixes.

For normal digestion in the chicken coop and on the walk should be a bowl with crushed shells and gravel, sand. Drinkers are installed on the paddock and in the chicken coop, so that the birds can always get enough to drink. It is best to change water every day so that it does not stagnate, is not smeared, and is always fresh.

In winter, instead of green, you can give herbal flour or grass granules.

Important! In winter, instead of greens, you can give grass flour or grass granules. Silage or germinated grain can also be a good alternative.

Reviews on the breed of chicken Faverol

The breed of chicken Fireball, according to reviews, has a lot of advantages, but there are significant drawbacks in it.

  • Olga Yakusheva: “I have been breeding chicken Fireol for 3 years already. I am completely satisfied with the birds. They do not differ from other species in content. However, since January I have been putting on a diet so that chickens spring well and the rooster is active. If this is not done, chickens and the rooster becomes lazy. I advise everyone to see this species, the birds are productive, although you need to try to breed them. "
  • Andrei Gorbunov: “The breed is good. Birds not only provide high-quality meat, eggs, but also sociable, with a good temper. If you teach them to eat, they will often ask for a fence! In addition, the chickens Firewall look beautiful, I breed the Salmon and Blue variety - they look very original and directly decorate the yard.
  • Svetlana Kotova: “A few years ago I stopped breeding the Faerol chickens. They are certainly beautiful, and there is a good choice of subspecies. But I was not satisfied with the productivity. The eggs are small, the female gives them not a lot, and the bird is medium in size, not the best meat qualities. So in my case, breeding did not meet expectations, but as a starting breed, for training, before breeding more productive species, I can recommend them. "