California rabbits


When choosing a breed of rabbits, the breeder looks at different aspects of the animal’s vital activity, including the ability to adapt to any weather conditions, reproductive peculiarities and the immune system. California rabbits just meet all these qualities. They have a high survival rate when maintained in virtually any climate zone. Details about the advantages and features of the breed will be described below in the article.

What are the external features of the breed?

In 1920, Californian breed was derived by American George West. His main goal was to get a ripened rabbit with good, soft fur. Recognition breed received only in 1928.

California Rabbit Exterior

Californian rabbits have a compact body of medium size. The weight of individuals varies from 4.5 to 7 kg, depending on the diet and content. The shape of the body is cylindrical. The backbone is strong but light. The paws are short, rather thick, but strong.

The neck is not long, the head is of medium size. The eyes are almost always red, most often the rabbit looks frowned, alert or curious. Ears standing, up to 13.5 cm long according to the standard. Aquiline nose.

The fur is tight, very soft. The color of the view is special. Almost the whole body is covered with white fur, however, the ears, paws, nose and tail of the animal have a black, chocolate or even lilac-blue color. These spots in the purebred breed always have smooth, sharp edges.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the breed?

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Daily growth of California rabbits

California rabbits have gained their popularity due to a number of advantages.

  • It refers to the breed to the meat direction. Newborn babies weigh only 45 grams, but by 2 months they reach 2 kg of weight! After another month they have a mass of 3 kg. After five months, when they reach 3.7 kg, the growth is reduced, from this age you can let them face.
  • Fur breed is very valuable because of the pure white color. Dark spots are only on the limbs of the animal, so they can be completely excluded from the final material. Most often skins are sold in bulk to garment factories. If you wish, you can independently do sewing and sell clothes for a high cost.
  • The advantage of the breed is the excellent maternal instinct of the female. The females trembling with rabbits, as well as have a lot of milk, so that additional feeding of young animals is not required before weaning from the nurse.
  • Due to the amazing coloring, nice appearance, they often get turned into pets. In this case, the content is possible in the house or apartment. Such individuals participate in exhibitions and contests.

Californian breed has few disadvantages.

  • For home maintenance for decorative purposes, minor problems may occur. The first thing to control is the wires and furniture that a crawl can simply chew on. The second point is the large size. It will be difficult to lift, transfer or simply stop an adult animal to a child, except a teenager or an adult can cope with this task. Therefore, it is recommended to start a crawl only if there are no children or there is always an adult with them.
  • Adults are subject to stress. They are not afraid of the new climate, but the new conditions or roommates, a loud sound, aggression from the side, can seriously frighten the animal. In rare cases, severe stressful situations led to the death of the species representative.

How to keep Californian rabbits?

Californian rabbits are not demanding in climatic conditions, however, individuals should be provided with a decent content.

California Rabbit Content

  • For breeding and maintenance should use large mesh cells. The size directly depends on the number of inhabitants. So, for one animal, a “room” of 30x30x30 cm is enough; for a female with baby rabbits, a cage of at least 40x40x40 cm is taken. Some breeders keep this species in rabbit pits or in specially-equipped enclosures.
  • When keeping a rabbit for meat, you can equip him with a special paddock for walking. Small walks in the fresh air will not hurt, but only contribute to better appetite, vigor and health of the animal. It is only extremely important to ensure that poisonous grass does not grow in the pen. It is advisable to mow the grass and scatter the dried greens, make a shelter from the rain and the sun, and install a drinking bowl.
  • The floor can be netted - bedding is not required.
  • Most of the difficulties in the content causes care of the coat. It is necessary to monitor its purity, in the absence of parasites, skin diseases. At the slightest suspicion of the disease should immediately begin treatment after the veterinarian makes a diagnosis. When kept for decorative purposes, fur is combed and combed about 2 times a week.
  • Routine vaccination is extremely necessary, despite good immunity. At 28 days, you should get a vaccine for myxomatosis, at 45 days - a shot from a viral hemorrhagic disease. Re-vaccination is carried out at 3 and 6 months.
  • Cleaning rabbitries, cages, devices for care and maintenance is carried out at least 2 times a month! Wash feeders and drinkers worth once a day.

What are the features of feeding?

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Basically, Californian breed rabbits are bred for the sake of obtaining high-quality meat, so the food must meet the standards, otherwise the weight gain will be small.

Maximum daily giving succulent feed to rabbits, g

Immediately after the jigging of the animal from the mother, it is necessary to begin to feed the young. The basis of the diet - hay, brooms, vegetables, grains, crackers, dairy products, dry branches. You can buy special food for rabbits. There is everything that an animal needs for rapid growth, development and improvement of the immune system. Meat and bone meal and vitamin and mineral supplements must be present in the diet. Greens are given only dried.

Water changes daily in drinking bowls. Animals drink a lot, especially in the summer, in the heat. It is important to place the drinker in such a way that it is not in the sun. It is recommended to use nickel drinking bowls for rabbits, they are convenient, compact. Even in winter, the animal needs access to fresh clean water, since the use of snow as a drink will have an adverse effect on the health of the rabbit.

Breeding Californian rabbits

In principle, there are no difficulties or peculiarities in breeding the species. Reproductive age comes to 5 months. From this point on individuals can enter mating. For this, the male and the female are left alone in a separate cage for a day.

Californian rabbits in one litter give 8-10 rabbits. For the year, one female can bring 35-40 cubs. Rabbits are born white. Spots appear after a while.

Breeding Californian rabbits

The intervention of the breeder in the care of offspring at first is not required at all. The rabbit herself gives birth, feeds and raises offspring. She needs help unless there are a lot of rabbits. The peculiarity of the breed is that the female can raise other offspring, if the young growth is settled in her cage.