Tomato variety Lady fingers


Choosing a good variety of tomatoes for growing in the garden is not easy. The stores offer a wide range, so it is best to decide in advance on which brand to buy. Tomato Lady Fingers are known to many gardeners. It is entered in the state register in 2006. The variety is suitable for growing in greenhouses and open ground. Differs in high productivity.

Description of Tomato Lady Fingers

Tomato Lady Fingers - a variety of early ripening. Ripe tomatoes can be harvested approximately 95-110 days after germination. Shrubs grow up to 60 cm in height in open ground and up to 120 cm in greenhouses. Leaves of dark green color. The plant is a wrist-type, the inflorescences are simple, each has up to 6 ovaries.

The form is elongated, inside 2 chambers with a small amount of seeds

Interesting! Tomatoes Lady fingers have only 2 stalks, so this variety is usually not stepson.

Fruits are medium in size, weighing 60 g on average, almost one-dimensional. The form extended with easy ribbing. Inside 2 chambers with a small amount of seeds. The color of the peel is green with technical ripeness and red after full maturity. The rind is smooth, dense, but eaten, the flesh is very tender. Taste is good, sweet with sour, aroma expressed.

Characteristics of a variety

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Sort of tomato Lady fingers is distinguished by a number of special characteristics.

  • Female fingers can be grown in unprotected and protected ground, but in areas of high-risk farming, it is better to prefer greenhouse cultivation.
  • Cold resistance - the fruits ripen until the first frost.
  • The variety is resistant to drought, heat, rainy weather.
  • Fruits ripen in several stages, and are excellently stored on plants until harvest.

    Fruits ripen in several stages, and are excellently stored on plants until harvest.

  • There are immunities to many diseases that are peculiar to tomatoes.
  • The yield per square meter of planting, when grown in unprotected soil of about 7 kg. In the greenhouse, this figure can reach 15 kg.
  • Harvest well stored.
  • Crop transportability is high.
  • The fruits are suitable for preservation, fresh consumption, drying, but they are not used for squeezing the juice.
Interesting! Fruits Tomatoes Lady fingers do not crack when ripe.

Growing tomato seedlings

Ladies fingers are always grown only by seedling. Seeds are sown on seedlings for about 55-60 nets before planting seedlings on the plot. Before sowing, seeds are sifted and disinfected in a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Land for seedlings should be fertilized, loose, if it was made independently, then it is advisable to use boiling water or the same weak solution of potassium permanganate before using it.

Lady's fingers are grown only by the seedling method.

Seeds are sown to a depth of 1 cm. Furrows should be made at a distance of 2 cm, between rows - 3 cm. After sowing, the box is covered with a film and transferred to a warm, bright place. After the sprouts appear, the film needs to be removed, and the temperature should be lowered to +16 degrees, so that the seedlings do not rush to grow and not stretch. Later (in about 3-7 days approximately) the temperature can be raised to +22 degrees.

When 2-3 leaves appear, it is necessary to pick the seedlings in separate cups. During the cultivation of seedlings is important in the first place, to ensure its regular watering, and it does not hurt to loosen the ground as needed. Top dressings are rarely made, it is possible with the help of a weak tincture of wood ash.

Features of planting tomatoes

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The grown seedlings are planted in a permanent place after the threat of recurrent frosts. The variety belongs to the light-loving, heat-loving group, therefore it is necessary to choose the appropriate place for planting. So, when growing in open ground, it is better to find a sunny, southern section, and in the greenhouses to provide additional light.

Sort Lady's fingers belongs to the light-loving, heat-loving group

The lady's fingers are planted in a tomato so that there are no more than 8 seedlings per square meter. Between the rows you can do a distance of about half a meter. Land before planting is important to fertilize and water.

Important! Tomato seeds can be harvested directly from the grown crop, because this is a variety, not a hybrid!

Rules for the care of ladies fingers

In growing tomato Lady fingers unpretentious.

  • Watering is carried out as needed. The land should not dry out otherwise the tomatoes will dry, especially in thickened plantings. So in the summer it may be necessary and daily watering, and in spring and autumn - every 2-3 days on average, but you need to focus on the weather.
  • It is advisable to loosen the land under the plants regularly, while it is necessary to remove weeds. Large weeds are mainly harvested, because they interfere not only with the development of crops, but also with the care of bushes and harvesting.

    Watering is done as needed.

  • Top dressing is carried out several times per season, as is the case with other varieties. You can use both organic and minerals.
  • When pests appear, broad-spectrum insecticides can be used.
  • For diseases Tomatoes Lady fingers should be treated in early spring and then as necessary (if signs of ailments appear) with specialized fungicides. And for the prevention, you can dust the bushes with wood ash.
  • When growing a tomato of this variety in unprotected soil, it is necessary to install supports under the bushes so that they do not fall to the ground under the weight of the crop. When growing tomatoes in the greenhouse, the easiest way to use the trellis.

Tomato harvesting and processing

The collection of the first fruits begin around the end of June, but if necessary, you can leave the ripe fruits for a few days or even weeks on the plants, they do not crack and do not spoil for a long time. With proper care of the plants, the crop will be pleased with the abundance and quality.

It is desirable to loosen or cover the ground under the plants with agrofibre

Harvested tomatoes can be used for food, processing or storage. They lie in the refrigerator for up to 3 weeks. To store longer, it is worth picking tomatoes unripe and put in boxes in layers. The fruits are versatile use. They make delicious summer salads, snacks, preservation (whole, crushed), ketchups, sauces, lecho. If the crop is very much, you can partially dry it.

Reviews of gardeners about a grade of tomatoes Ladies' fingers

Opinions of gardeners about the variety Lady fingers are always positive, because these tomatoes are characterized by stable yield and good characteristics.

  • Elena Mayor: "Despite the fact that the tomato Lady fingers prefer a warm climate, I have been growing them in the Urals for more than 3 years. I always have high yields, I don’t notice any special cultivation problems. I use tomatoes for preservation, I do not cut, they keep the shape and do not crack when pouring boiling water, so I recommend. But for food and juice they are dry for me. "
  • Albina Taranko: "Every year I plant 5-6 varieties of tomatoes of different types for cultivation in the open field. For preservation I choose the variety Lady Fingers. It’s good in all respects - taste, cultivation, flavor. I can preserve these tomatoes by themselves or with other vegetables (assorted) Natives are delighted with them, they eat even just fresh, straight from the garden. The only problem they faced is that these tomatoes often have phytophthora, so preventive treatments are needed. "
  • Valentin Bach: "Lady fingers are a varietal crop. Tomatoes grow quickly, give a rich harvest and are excellently stored fresh. Seeds for sowing I take my own, harvested from grown tomatoes. They germinate well, are very simple to care. I grow in a greenhouse because open ground yields are much lower. I use mostly for sale and for food. "