Variety of cucumbers Gunnar F1


If you choose the right variety or a hybrid of cucumbers, you can provide the family with a useful vegetable for the whole summer, make good preservation, and sell products profitably on the market or for processing. Cucumbers Gunnar F1 are among the few hybrids that enjoy universal love among gardeners all over the world. Cucumber Gunnar F1 has established itself as a stable variety with tasty, beautiful fruits.

Description cucumber varieties Gunnar F1

Cucumber Gunnar F1 - an early hybrid. The first fruits can be collected in 1-1,5 months after germination. Fruiting stretched, the fruits are collected every 2-3 days, and with abundant yields once a day. The plant is compact, does not occupy much space, tall, open type, parthenocarpic, with a female flowering. The root system of the plant is very developed, powerful. Side shoots are short. In a node of 2-4 fruit.

Photo cucumbers Gunnar F1

The fruit is dark green in color, there are no stains or stripes on the peel, it is monotonous, only closer to the tip the color can lighten. The length of the green leaves is 12-14 cm, their shape is cylindrical. The pulp of cucumber Gunnar F1 and the rind are dense, so the greens are weighty, 90-100 g each. The bitterness is completely absent, even when overheated. The surface is knobby, spines on light colored fruits.

What are the advantages of cucumbers Gunnar F1?

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The advantages of cucumbers Gunnar F1 have a lot, so they are considered among the best for growing for sale and for personal use. Here are the main advantages of Gunar:

  • Yield during spring planting - 18-22 kg / m. sq., and with summer fudge - 9-12 kg / m. sq.
  • After full ripening, cucumbers do not lose their cylindrical shape, do not become too large or thick, taste does not deteriorate and they can be stored on the plant for several days.
  • Due to the fact that the plant is compact, care for him is simplified.
  • Cucumbers lie for quite a long time, at least 1.5-2 weeks nothing happens to them, the appearance, color, and taste do not deteriorate, but only under the right conditions.
  • Zelents can be transported over long distances. Due to the fact that their skin is dense, cucumbers do not spoil on the road, they retain commercial qualities for a long time.
  • The hybrid has a high resistance to brown spot and medium resistance to the cucumber mosaic virus, powdery mildew, and yellowing vein of the cucumber.

Seeds of cucumber Gunnar F1

What are the disadvantages of the variety?

Gunnar F1 doesn’t have a lot of disadvantages in a cucumber hybrid, and gardeners do not distinguish them much, since it covers all possible difficulties in cultivation with its positive qualities.

  • In comparison with other varieties and hybrids, Gunnar F1 cucumbers are not cheap.
  • May often be affected by downy powdery mildew.
  • In the saline soil, Gunnar F1 grows, but the cucumbers are pale.
  • Sometimes with insufficient watering in the fruit voids are formed.

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How to grow cucumbers Gunnar F1?

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It is recommended to grow a variety in greenhouses of any type or greenhouses. It is in indoor hybrids gives the highest yield. To grow cucumbers Gunnar F1 in open ground is possible only in the southern regions and the yield will be at least 1.5 times lower than in the greenhouse. It can be planted either in early spring or in the middle of summer, in summer-autumn circulation.

To get an early harvest, it is better to make seedlings. The seeds germinate after planting in boxes at a temperature of + 26 ... +28 degrees. Then, as soon as sprouts appeared, the temperature is lowered to +20 degrees. A week before planting in the greenhouse, it is necessary to harden the seedlings and reduce the temperature in the room during the day to +18 degrees.

It is possible to plant cucumber seedlings Gunnar F1 only in the soil, heated at least to +20 degrees, when the seedlings will have 4-5 unstable, developed leaflets. In unheated greenhouses you can plant seedlings only in mid-May. Seeds are sown in the ground since mid-May, when the ground warms to +16 degrees. The depth of seeding is 1.5-2 cm. They plant a hybrid with seeds and seedlings at a distance of 30-50 cm from each other.

It is recommended to grow cucumber Gunnar F1 on a trellis, as the plant is tall, and it is best to form into one stem. The first 5-6 sinuses (shoots, ovaries) must be removed. Then you need to leave only the ovary, and the side shoots break off. It is better to remove all the old leaves so that they do not pull the juice from the plant. On each whip at a time, no more than 5-7 Zelentsi should ripen, so that individual plants are not overloaded with fruits.

Top dressing is done every 10-15 days. You can make ash, urea, superphosphate, potassium substances. With abundant fruiting, top dressing increases so that the quality of the fruits does not suffer with a similar amount.

Watering cucumbers Gunnar F1 is recommended often. The easiest way to install a drip system is to simplify the work of the gardener and save leaves and pagons from possible moisture. The land under the plants must be mulched with straw or sawdust so that less water evaporates and the number of weeds is reduced.

Harvesting and Consumption

It is possible to gather greengrass after about 1-1.5 months after germination. The peculiarity of the variety is that when overriding cucumbers do not become barrel-shaped, therefore, overexposure on the plant is not harmful to them. The taste does not spoil until a week, although, of course, young fruits have a more delicate taste.

The hybrid is suitable for fresh consumption, salads, snacks. However, Gunnar F1 is also suitable for processing, canning. In jars and pickles, cucumbers do not lose their taste, they “pick up” savory marinade notes, they become more crispy.

On the cultivation of cucumbers Gunnar F1 you can make a good business, they are profitable for sale and mass marketing in production. Due to its excellent product quality, the demand for this kind of green stems is consistently high.