Planting grapes in spring seedlings


Properly planted grapes begin to grow rapidly and earlier gives the first harvest. At the same time, it is necessary to understand that it is from the saplings that the harvest can be obtained in the coming years, but the cuttings will require more time for development. Planting grapes in spring seedlings and all the nuances of the procedure described in this article.

Pros and cons of spring planting

Professional growers recommend planting grapes in the fall, but for many reasons this can be difficult. For example, in Siberia, autumn planting in open ground can lead to freezing of grapes, and in central Russia such cases are no exception. So very often gardeners still prefer spring planting. So, what are the advantages of the procedure in the spring:

Planted in the spring seedlings take root faster and can give the first harvest earlier

  • During the summer and autumn, the seedling will have time to settle down normally, it will become strong enough to survive the winter frosts.
  • A gardener with no experience in growing grapes is much easier to follow a sapling after spring planting, rather than autumn.
  • Planting in the spring simplifies maintenance; at this time it is not necessary to cover the plants for winter.
  • Saplings take root faster and can give the first harvest earlier.
Important! In the spring it is much easier to calculate when to plant grapes. There are warm days ahead, so you can not rush, but if you plant a sapling in the fall later than the deadline, the plant will freeze out!

As for the shortcomings, there are not many of them, but they are significant.

  • If you plant grapes too late in the spring, it will often get sick and be affected by pests.
  • Water consumption is very large. In the fall, the sapling is planted. It rains, and in spring the amount of water in the ground depends mostly on the gardener.
  • Belated frosts can literally destroy a sapling, if you do not worry about shelter in time.

As can be seen, there are both positive and negative sides to spring planting. And yet, if it is decided to plant the plant in the spring, you need to do it according to the rules.

Where to plant grapes

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Place for grapes on the site is to choose a sunny

Place for grapes on the site is to choose the sun. Grapes in the shade can grow, in any case, most of the varieties and hybrids, however, without the sun, development slows down, and early grapes can produce even later mid-season crops, and later grapes do not ripen at all! In addition, in the shade of the berries do not gain the required amount of sugar, which adversely affects the taste.

It should also be borne in mind that if the grapes grow on a trellis or similar high support, there will be a big shadow from it. So usually the culture is planted near fences, houses, fences, or at the edge of the plot, but preferably from the south.

As for the earth, the grapes can grow on almost any land if it is fertilized. It is very important to adjust the acidity of the soil (optimal in the range of 5.5-7.5) and choose a place where the groundwater level will be low.

Important! On wetlands, the grapes do not grow for a long time, because its root begins to rot and the plant dies.

Spring planting of grapes - terms

The time of planting a grape sapling in spring depends on the type of its root system.

The time of planting a grape sapling in spring depends on the type of its root system. If it is closed, you can postpone the procedure in the middle of May. At this time, it is already quite warm and the plant will not suffer from returning cold or even frost. These seedlings quickly take root and practically do not get sick with proper care.

If the seedling has an open root system, then planting in open ground should occur in April or early May, when the earth is warmed up to at least +10 degrees.

In addition, when choosing the time of planting, you need to take into account the zone of growing crops. For example, in Siberia, warm days come late, so planting grapes is meaningless before May. But in central Russia and even more so in the south, the procedure can be carried out from April.

Important! Planting grapes in spring seedlings in the southern regions should not be delayed until the last days of May. Towards the summer, many diseases and pests appear - for a young bush, such stress is destructive.

Selection of seedlings and storage

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In order for the grapes to take root well and give great harvests, it is necessary to choose the right seedling. It must have a developed root system - 3-4 roots 10 cm or more in length. Roots should not be dry, deformed, cut, diseased or affected by pests.

Cut roots before planting

If there are leaves on the seedling, they must be green and bright, not dry and not painful. If there are no leaves yet, it is necessary to examine the kidneys, to make sure that they are in order. Kidneys, ready to swell, in growth must be at least 4 pieces. Vine must be elastic, strong, without damage.

Very often, grapes are bought before planting. How to save a seedling before planting in this case? 7 days before planting or more, the roots are bathed in a clay mash. Then the seedling is simply put in a dark, cool room, wrapped in a burlap and from time to time moisten the roots so as not to dry.

Before planting, it is necessary to cut the roots so that their length is not less than 10 cm, then they are dipped in clean water for 2 hours to be fed. And for rapid development, you can treat them with a growth stimulator according to the instructions (for example, “Yuka”, “Succinic acid”, “Humat sodium”). It is also important before planting to cut off all excess buds, leaving about 5-7 of the strongest.

Soil preparation for grapes

Pit for planting grapes in the spring should be prepared in the fall

Land for planting grapes in spring should be prepared in the fall. First, it is cleared of debris, foliage, twigs and weeds, then pits are made for planting. If more than 1 seedling is planted, then pits should be located at a distance of 60-1.5 meters from each other, depending on the grape variety. For a young plant, a pit 50 cm deep and with the same diameter is sufficient. Drainage (pebbles, crushed stone or similar material) is poured at the bottom with a layer of 10-15 cm.

Interesting! It is recommended to dig a hole for planting grapes in the fall, but it is possible 2-3 weeks before the procedure.

To the top layer of the earth, which was obtained by digging a hole, add 1 kg of humus (can be replaced with compost), 300-500 g of ash. A layer of soil is poured on top of the drainage and watered so that the earth settles. In this form, the pit is left for the winter, if done in the fall. In the spring it is cleared of twigs, poured over with boiling water (for disinfection and warming up), and then they plant themselves.

Planting grapes in spring seedlings

After the pit, the ground and the seedling are prepared, the procedure itself can be carried out. Planting grapes in spring with seedlings in open ground is carried out in several stages.

Planted grape sapling must be left for a week and not touched.

  1. First, a garter peg is installed at the bottom of the pit. It is necessary to put it on the side so that it does not prevent the roots from developing.
  2. In the pit is piled a hill of fertile land, and grapes are put on it.
  3. The roots must be straightened to the sides so that they do not break, do not bend strongly.
  4. Now you can begin to sprinkle the seedling with fertile soil, evenly from all sides. As you pour, the ground must be sealed with your hands.
  5. As the pit is filled, it is important to ensure that the grapes do not slope to the side and be located in the center.

Planted grapes should be left for a week and not touched so that it can take root.

Important! For planting on the site, it is worth choosing varieties and hybrids of grapes, zoned in this area. Otherwise, the culture will take long to take root, will not give decent yields or even die!

Care in the first year after landing

In the first year after planting, the care of grape seedlings is elementary.

  • During the heat and heavy rain culture is closed, making a small canopy.
  • Watering is done as the land dries. And after watering or rain, it is necessary to loosen the root zone.
  • Weed harvesting is done so that nothing prevents a culture from growing, especially since weeds are carriers of pests and diseases.
  • 1-2 times in the first year of growth, it is worth treating the bushes for diseases and pests using special means (Bordeaux Liquid, Strobe, Home, Rovral, Fazanol, Aktellik, Karate, or similar).
  • In summer or autumn, it is necessary to deposit superphosphate in a dry form, according to the instructions.

In addition, professional growers recommend a young vineyard to mulch. Mulch will allow watering the plant less often, is an additional food for land and grapes.

Spring planting of grapes allows you to get a strong plant in a fairly short time. By the end of the summer, young saplings of grapes, when properly planted, will stretch by 1.5–2 meters! And some grapes already for 2 years after spring planting can give the first, albeit small, but high-quality crop.